Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Tri-State Insurance Agency: Offering Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices claims have risen over the past decade for several reasons, including a stepped-up proactive approach by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to investigate allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment and other violations in the workplace. What’s more, small and midsize companies are increasingly the targets of these allegations and investigations, with these types of claims very expensive to defend against, even if unfounded. And, if your business is found in violation of the law the penalties can be significant.

Protect against employee lawsuits.

At Tri-State Insurance Agency, we work hard to protect the businesses we insure, including recommending that employment practices liability insurance (EPL) be an integral component of your risk management program. An EPLI policy will help with legal costs, damage awards and out-of-court settlements related to covered employment practices claims. Those can include allegations of harassment, wrongful termination, discriminatory hiring, wage and hour disputes, and multiple types of workplace misconduct.

We will also conduct a risk analysis and evaluate your existing insurance program to identify any gaps in your coverage and areas of management that you can strengthen. We can provide advice on best practices, such as record retention, hiring and termination procedures, classification of workers, pay and hours policies, and workplace ethics and conduct.

Secure EPLI coverage along with implementing best practices procedures

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