Pollution Liability

Tri-State Insurance Agency: Covering Pollution Liability Exposures

Environmental damage is a top-of-mind issue across the country and around the globe, with business exposure to regulatory violations growing each year. What’s more, all types of businesses across most industry sectors are at risk of a pollution-related incident. Let the experts at Tri-State Insurance Agency conduct a risk assessment of your exposures to determine if you have the appropriate coverage to protect against such an incident.

With pollution liability insurance, you can protect your business from expensive losses if it is accused of or found responsible for pollution-related damage, injuries or illness. This coverage is available to many industry segments, including contractors, transportation, real estate, manufacturers, landscapers, food-related enterprises, agricultural businesses and more.

What is covered.

A pollution liability policy will cover costs required for cleanup as well as payments for property damage or bodily injury resulting from a contamination event. It will also pay for attorney fees as outlined in the policy.

The policy typically insures a business for both sudden and gradual incidents and will cover your insured premises as well as off-premises worksites. Your policy can cover liquid waste, wetlands damage, lead abatement, water and air contamination, and other environmental damage. If you would like to insure your businesses for events that may be discovered after your policy or operations have been discontinued, we can discuss “long-tail” coverage options with you.

Stricter environmental regulations require compliance and protection with pollution liability insurance.

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