Products Liability Insurance

Tri-State Insurance Agency: Products Liability Insurance for Your Operation

If you’re manufacturer, for example, of clothes, toys, building materials, electronic devices, etc., your operation has significant product liability exposure and requires insurance to protect against these risks. At Tri-State Insurance Agency, we can help protect you and your business in the event you’re held liable for a loss to personal property, business property, injury or death as a result of your products.

Product liability issues could result from a flaw in the warning label or instructions; or there may be a manufacturing flaw or design flaw. In the event of a design flaw, your operation could be turned upside down, as it affects every single unit of a product that your business has produced. Should a lawsuit arise from one of the above-mentioned flaws, products liability insurance would provide coverage for legal costs, as well as pay any settlement or judgment that your business would otherwise be required to pay.

We can also offer you product recall expense coverage, which includes the cost to replace the recalled product; consequential loss of profits incurred by your direct customers as a result of the product recall; and good faith advertising, which pays for the costs to regain customer approval and confidence in your product.

Protect your operation against product liability exposures.

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