Group Dental

Tri-State Insurance Agency: Offering Group Dental Coverage to Employees

When employees are asked about their top employee benefits choices, dental coverage is right up there. This stands to reason, as without the proper dental insurance, treatment can be very expensive. At the same time, however, many can’t afford to purchase coverage on their own and look to their employer for help. This is where group dental insurance comes in.

At Tri-State Insurance Agency, we can help you make group dental insurance a part of your employee benefits menu. Coverage is available in several different formats:

  • A traditional plan in which employees select their dentist and receive a predetermined level of coverage.
  • A preferred provider plan, which offers higher coverage for in-plan doctors but will still pay some for out-of-plan care.
  • A prevention and minor-restorative plan, which covers important diagnostics and preventive care as well as some restoration, such as fillings, periodontal surgery, and maybe even crowns.
  • A dental health maintenance organization plan, which pays for care within a group of participating dentists.

You usually can choose between a scheduled and non-scheduled plan. The first typically sets a dollar allowance for a procedure and charges a co-pay and deductible. The second, often called a “comprehensive plan,” normally covers a percentage of the dentist’s charges. We can discuss the details of each plan with you as insurance companies insurers vary on what they cover and require.

You can also choose a plan to include reconstructive surgery and orthodontic care, among other procedures.

Providing you with group dental care choices.

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