Fine Art Collections Coverage

Tri-State Insurance Agency Offers Coverage for Your Fine Art Collection

Dynamic sculpture, exquisite paintings, delicate porcelain—there are many kinds of beautiful objects of art that are showcased in equally elegant homes, enhancing their lavish surroundings. These collections have often taken owners years to acquire (possibly at great expense), and their high value is well beyond that of what the standard homeowners insurance would cover in the event of a loss. That’s why Tri-State Insurance Agency offers coverage created especially for fine art collections.

Many types of fine artwork can be covered.

Intended to protect sculpture, paintings, collectibles, antique furniture, and other types of costly fine art, the coverage can be purchased separately or as an additional layer of protection on your homeowners policy. Of course, determining the worth of your collection is the first step in assuring the appropriate policy and coverage amounts are selected, so our professionals can assist with this as well. We take it a step further to review your collection in its setting—your home—to evaluate potential risks to your fine art collection, helping to identify whether the potential for loss arises from theft or from elements such as light, heat, water intrusion, or fire.

Losing a single treasure would be heartbreaking, but even more so if not insured.

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